Buffett finally did it – he invested in Gold. Should you?


Honestly when we saw the news, we didn’t believe it. Warren Buffet has finally bought gold…

According to the news, his investing company Berkshire Hathaway bought 20.9 million shares in the stock Barrick Gold Corporation, with a total value of 564 million dollars. So technically he did not directly buy gold, but he bought a company that mines and sells gold.

Now this is interesting, because those of you who know Buffett will know that he has bashed investing in gold for a long-time now…

So, should you invest in Gold?

Samuel Burman, an analyst at Capital Economics, says: “Although positive developments in the search for an effective vaccine against COVID-19 have stimulated investors’ appetite for risk, we continue to believe that gold prices will continue to be high for the year. coming”.

In their recently released gold price forecast, Goldman Sachs analysts maintained their bullish outlook for the year ahead, setting the price target for the precious metal at $ 2,300 per ounce.

For many prominent analysts, gold will maintain a steady rise over the coming year, signaling a strong and clear YES to gold investments in 2021.

We have surely piqued your interest and curiosity in gold, and now you are thinking: Should you invest in gold? Read on to find out exactly why you should.

1. Absolute insurance

You want security and stability. Gold has it all. Gold offers all the certainty that it is possible to obtain and always maintains its value. Gold is an effective way to hedge, as its value tends to rise when other investments, such as stocks or real estate, offer low returns.

2. Stable growth

Gold prices have risen from $ 700 per ounce at the end of 2008 to a whopping $ 1,923.70 in mid-2011. Based on previous events, the 2020 rise in gold prices could last for at least one or two more years.

3. Right now, gold is very profitable

If you are looking to invest wisely, gold is your best option. Over the past few months, gold has offered incredible investment opportunities.

We all want to make smart and potentially profitable investments. Surely you too. Investing in gold can offer you many opportunities.


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