Dance with the markets


Nowadays, we can hardly go about anything without an appropriate soundtrack. Working out, writing, cooking, or going for a walk– we have our favorite soundtrack for any occasion. Did you know that music perfectly fits online trading, as well?

Check out these trader music profiles and see which one suits you.

The ‘’Money’’ Trader

That is a type of trader who is in for the big money. These songs are usually upbeat and catchy, which helps put the trade in the right state of mind.  Think ABBS’s Money, Money, Money.

The ‘’Focused’’ Trader

That is a type of trader who performs best in a calm environment. These traders want to give their full attention to trading and need a soothing soundtrack to push their emotions down. That’s where ambient music comes in! Long tracks that give you a calm vibe can improve concentration.

Robert Rich does this track – surrounds you with serenity and calmness.

The ‘’Fast and Furious’’ Trader

This type of trader is aggressive and is in for a thrill. He wants it all, and he wants it fast.  To set their mind on the task, they go for Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and Run DMC – Walk this way.


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