If I had the power to buy one stock right now…


Imagine that you had the money to buy any stock on the financial markets. Which should it be?

Financial experts often advise their clients to be careful and not put all their eggs in one basket. Meaning that they should never put all their money in one company stock.

However, there are stocks so powerful that they alone can make you thousands of dollars in a matter of few weeks. These are the kind of stocks, you would want to stick to in hard times and never let go.

You might have heard of it – AMAZON!

The king of retail has been dominating the global financial markets for over a decade.

Amazon has been a very attractive investment opportunity for years, and now its future seems ever brighter and more promising. It all started in 1997 when Amazon made its debut in the global financial markets.

Since then, it has grown in value more than 175,000%, which is more than 36% per year. The company recently reached a market value near $1.6 trillion. That makes all of us wonder whether it has much more growth potential.

Yes, it does! So, if you were hoping to cash in from Amazon’s spectacular success,  it’s not too late to invest and earn solid long-term gains.

A big part of its success, Amazon can contribute to its ability to expand and change. Today, Amazon is no longer just in the business of selling books. It has become the king of retail, dominating and revolutionizing the markets.

Apart from that, Amazon has a cloud-computing business, Amazon Web Services, generating a massive $13.5 billion in operating income in 2020, up 47% over year-earlier levels — and representing almost 60% of total operating income for Amazon.

If you are not yet an Amazon investor and you would like to be, you can add the company to your ‘’to watch’’ list. It certainly looks like it has a lot more growth ahead.


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