Investing apps and Millennials revolutionized the financial markets. What is next?


You can see them everywhere, young people sitting at the café, engrossed by their smartphones. For most of us, the café is the place to go when we want to meet with friends, some people use this ‘’fun’’ time to make more money. How? They trade online.

Advanced technologies and the internet completely changed our lives. We can no longer imagine a day without computers, the internet, and smartphone.

Now technology is about to cause a new revolution in another area of our lives, which years ago was a reserved territory for the rich people– the financial markets.

Today, anyone can buy and sell Google or Amazon stocks the way millionaire investors are doing it. The only difference is that the new investor – the young person is doing it on their smartphones.

New technologies, new investors, new rules

Small, yet powerful apps have changed the rules of the game. Financial analysts see this event as a trend towards a radical change in stock trading. Recent studies have shown that today’s investor is a young, inexperienced person from the so-called generation of ‘’millennials’’.

They are the young people you see on the bus, at the café, and on the line in the supermarket – holding their smartphones. They are the new investors!

That would never be possible without the new technology. In recent years, many free-of-charge mobile stock trading applications emerged, changing the rules of investing.

Today, any who has a little bit of cash, 30 minutes a day of free time, and a smartphone can become a part of the world’s most lucrative financial market.

We are witnessing the beginning of a historical revolution in the world of investing. Over the next decade, the influx of young investors will grow even more.

Are you one of them?


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