Investingops asked: How did big investors survive the 2020 market turbulence?


Crash!Boom!Bang! Those three words can perfectly describe the market movements in 2020. Last year was filled with a lot of turbulence, shaking up our lives and the stock market.

Investors witnessed rapid up and down movements, which very often ended with a crash.

Both new and professional investors had to choose how would they respond to the turbulence.  Did they buy more stocks? Sell more or left the pilot cabin, waiting for calmer times?

We, at Investingops, asked investors who had been investing for decades, rookies, and everyone in between.

Here are the results:

  • Over 52% of investors bought stocks during the biggest market volatility.
  • Professional investors with over ten years of investing experience chose not to respond to the market’s volatility.
  • Women did not change their investing actions, once again confirming their cooler investing style.
  • Over 30% of new investors reported that they made profits during the market’s turbulence, although they were unsure how they performed.
  • More than 65% of investors, including those of Generation Z, sold stocks to prevent financial losses.

How about you? How did you manage your investment portfolio during the market’s crush?


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