Life as we knew it…


It has been already a year and some of us could hardly remember life before the COVID-19. The pandemic transformed our lives in every possible way, including the way we communicate and the way work. The office as we knew it no longer exists.

Millions of employees around the world were told to work from home for the first time. People didn’t need to spend hours of their day on public transport or stuck in traffic. Thousands of people were left with more time and, in some cases, a better work-life balance.

With more time in the day, people were able to spend more time doing what they enjoy when they would normally be traveling home from work.

With that freedom also came the uncertainty about the job. More and more people started looking for a way to make an extra income on the side. That is how online trading became even more popular among the average person, who can afford to invest very little capital.

Today, anyone who has a small amount of money and some free time can invest in the global markets.

There are a lot of people out there who follow the trading world closely but never actually trade. Some follow professional traders on Twitter, subscribe to newsletters, but they have never dared to put on a trade, ever.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing that for a while. This is a great way to study the markets and see how successful traders are doing it. However at some point, if you truly have a passion for the financial markets, you should take the chance and try trading at least part-time.

For all, we know this is the only life we have, and you cannot get old and look back with a regret.


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