Something important nobody ever told me


You don’t need to know everything

A long time ago, I made the mistake of thinking I needed to know everything, to make money from investing. I know that you are making that same mistake right now, even while reading this.

I spent countless hours and so much money trying to find the best course, best trainer, the best software – that will help me make more money.

I realized that online investing is quite simple, and we make it complicated.

Here I am today to tell you something that nobody has ever told me.

•          You don’t need to know all about the market you are investing in

•          You don’t need to know what other investors are doing, so you can imitate

•          You don’t need to know what is a pie chart (I still can’t explain what it is)

•          You don’t need a big bucket of cash to invest 

•          You don’t need to buy expensive and complicated software to invest online

All you need is a desire to start trading online and a commitment strong enough to keep you going during tough times.

The idea of online investing is very simple: to make it possible for the average person to become a part of the financial markets. There are no requirements and no restrictions.

Once you join that fascinating world, you can start buying and selling stocks and making profits with a click of a button.

So, even if you can’t explain the ‘’Pareto principle’’ right now, you still have the chance to become a successful online investor.


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