Odd money habits making Millennials richer.


Making money and creating wealth is one the weakest areas for most people. 

However, it seems like the Millennials have found the key to turning every penny into more money. Let’s see what Millenials are doing differently to get richer. 

There are hundreds of high-tech ways to save money. If you like them, go ahead and try them. But some old-fashioned strategies can make your money add up, and sometimes pretty quickly. 

At first, they may sound weird, but they work.  You can try one or a few and tell us in the comments the most bizarre technique you’ve used to save money.

  1. Turn your car into a bank.

This one seems pretty strange, but let’s see what Valeri has to say about it: 

“I use my car every day, so I have turned my glove compartment into a ‘’saving account’’. Every day I add a few dollars, which I have left in my wallet in the glove compartment. You know what they say: out of sight, out of mind. So, I don’t take them out and spend them. 

  1. Have separate wallets 

Do you have ”fun” money? Sarah does, and it works pretty well for her. 

”As a 34-year-old woman, I love having fun and spending some money.  Every month when I get paid, I put some money into a separate wallet. This money becomes my ‘fun’ money, so I know I can either take some out and buy a cappuccino, or keep adding to it and splurge for a fun dinner with friends.”

  1. Skip the coffee; save the cash.

This one is for all you coffee lovers! Try it. Anna did! 

“I love buying lattes ‘just because.’ So whenever I feel the urge to buy a latte, I make the office coffee and make sure to move $5 from checking to savings. It’s a simple trick that helps me track how much I’m saving.” 

  1. Invest in the stock markets 

This one is big right now for the Millenials. John does it every day, and he is very happy with the results. 

‘’Every morning when I wake up and have my coffee, I buy stocks online. It’s so easy. I pick a stock of the day, put some money into it and collect my profits at the end of the day. Sometimes I have over $1500 extra cash at the end of the day.’’ 

  1. Visualize what you’re saving for.

You have probably heard about the power of visualization. Tom uses it to make money. 

“I like to see what I’m saving for, so I made a vision board of the vacations I want to take this year. ‘Seeing’ Greece every day makes it so much easier to not go out for a $12 lunch! You should try it. There is no better motivator than that.” 

What is your bizarre money-making strategy? Tell us in the comments below.


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