Secrets to Getting Rich During a Market Crash


No matter how horrifying and painful they might seem, market crashes could bring opportunities to investors. Some of the most successful people built their fortunes by taking advantage of volatility and uncertainty.

It takes courage and knowledge to act when the markets are shaking. To help you thrive amid challenging market conditions, we asked successful investors to share their wisdom with you. 

Read the tips on how to build wealth while others are hiding from the turbulence. 

1.Tomas says: Keep fear in control  

Market crashes are traumatic for most investors. They come quickly and sometimes hit hard. In highly volatile and dynamic markets, investors would usually retain from ever purchasing a single stock. 

Often what looks like a heavy storm ends up being a temporary fluctuation. If you persist through the fear, you could buy stocks at a life-changing discount. 

Missed profit opportunities can multiply if you wait for the storm to pass. Don’t let the fear of a short-term crash take you away from the potential for long-term fortune.  

2. Derek says: Don’t get ready, stay ready 

I am always ready to act. That is what separates the good investor from the outstanding one. 

Even in tough times, when you want to hold on tight to your money, you should keep your capital ready. 

During the last few years, we have seen a few significant alterations in the stock market. The only one that went so far as to call a crash was terrifying chaos in early 2020. 

So, the next time when you feel shaking turbulence, have the cash on hand to take advantage of it. 



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