No man could stay indifferent to his favorite team winning the game. The excitement, the longing, and the euphoria of the last winning goal.

What if I told you that you can invest and make money from your favorite football team. No kidding!

Here, I have collected for you the best football clubs you can buy shares in.

Get the ready! It’s playtime.

Manchester United

The largest football club traded on the stock market is Manchester United, with the symbol NYSE: MANU.

Founded in 1878 as Newton Heath Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Football Club, Manchester United was incorporated in 1892, selling shares in the company for £1 each.

In 1964, Louis Edwards, a lifelong Manchester United fan, started buying shares to take a controlling stake in the club. He was appointed chairman in June 1965 and held the majority of shares.

Manchester United was listed on the stock market in the UK in 1991. £6.7million were raised during the IPO (initial public offering)

Today, anyone can buy and profit from Manchester United stocks, from the comfort of their home.

AS Roma

You can buy AS Roma shares on the Borsa Italiana, the Italian Stock Exchange. Around 67% of the shares were held by Compagnia Italpetroli SpA

AS Roma is valued at around €130 million, and many investors are rushing to bet on the stock market.


Juventus Football Club S.p.A. is an Italian football club playing in Serie A.

Known as “La Vecchia Signora” to its fans, Juve is one of the most successful teams ever in Italian club football.

In December 2001 the club listed its shares on the Borsa Italiana and is currently one of three Italian clubs whose shares are publicly traded.

Which team would you bet on the stock market?