Elon Musk is starting to get further away from the minds of business leaders as seen at the World Economic Forum. This is despite him being the CEO of multiple major tech companies, among which Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX. 

Nevertheless, this lack of attention to the South Africa born engineer and business owner is likely to change this week. Tesla’s earnings report is due to come out after the close of trading this Wednesday.

Among the things that Tesla investors will want to know is for how long recent global price cuts will stay.

To remind you, the price of the Model 3 base version was cut down by $3 000 to $43 990 in the US in the beginning of 2023. In addition, the Model 3 performance edition saw a price cut of $9 000 to $53 990. Both the Model Y Long Range and Performance models saw a price cut of around $13 000 to respectively $52 990 and $56 990.

These discounts came as a result of recent price reductions in China, Japan and South Korea as Tesla is trying to spark demand against growing threats from the competition. Unfortunately for investors, as long as the market believes Tesila will use price drops to boost demand, the stock value will probably stay under pressure as investors are modeling the 2023 earnings for EV manufacturer.

The second thing that the market will want to know is the realistic unit volume growth for Tesla. 

Previously the Texas-based company guided investors to a 50% unit volume growth, when the actual number was 39%. For 2023 it’s expected that the growth will be between 25% and 30%. The smart move here would be to set lower expectations and try to beat it.